Hi! I’m Angela Santalia, your Money Messenger. 

A bit about me…

I didn’t come from money. I started with nothing, except a fascination with money. That fascination turned into a career in the Australian Financial Planning industry and after two decades, I’ve definitely learned a lot about money, people, and their spending habits.

I’m a freelance Financial Paraplanner. My clients are Financial Advisers – I help advisers prepare recommendations for their clients, on how to manage money, increase wealth, repay debt, and protect assets.

I’ve written well over 11,000 financial plans for all types of clients – young couples just starting out their lives together, everyday mums and dads planning for retirement, high-income earners, and corporate client staff retirement plans. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to managing money.

Everything that I’ve learned throughout my career I’ve implemented for myself and it works! It enabled me to be mortgage-free in my twenties and create a multi-property portfolio valued at over $3M. I travel the world and enjoy life, all without personal debt!

If I can do it, anyone can. I didn’t have any handouts, started from $0, and even had my fair share of a tough childhood with every available excuse to me.

I want to share my knowledge with YOU, so you too can create financial security and have a better life, no matter where you are financially or what income you earn.

The intention of the Money Messenger

  • Teach the forgotten fundamentals of successful money management.
  • Fill the knowledge gap of what is not taught at home or school.
  • Reprogramme your everyday spending habits and help you control money.

You don’t need more money to eliminate financial stress and get ahead, you need to use money SMARTER.

Your education doesn’t matter, your income doesn’t matter. What matters is your desire to change what you are doing now, so you achieve different results. The financial secrets and strategies that I share are tried, tested, and proven to work.  They’re REAL. They WORK! I’m living, breathing proof.

I’ll help you become financially fluent, so you too can:


Control Your Money & Live The Life You Want.