Not just another ‘money book’!

A lot of people waste money. They live payday to payday, have credit card debt, and think that’s ‘normal’. It’s a dangerous cycle and can lead to financial stress.

The problem is, there are so many ways to manage money that it can be confusing. So, how do you learn? Who should you trust?

The Money Messenger book teaches what you need to know about personal finances and how to use your income smarter, so you get more out of life.

It’s money. Simplified.

A must-read whether starting out or starting over.

You don’t need more money if you use money SMARTER!


How to control your money so you live the life you want, without personal debt or financial worries.


Stop living payday to payday. Set up bank accounts correctly and automate bills and savings with a fool-proof system.


The truth behind personal loans and credit cards and the real cost to you. Erase debt in 3 steps and never rely on debt again!


Investing 101 (and why it’s so important). Learn the secrets of the rich and how to start investing using little money. A small amount goes a long way…


How to buy a first property (or multiple properties!) – starting from $0 and know whether it’s better to buy a home or to invest. The numbers have been done for you.


What insurances you need (and what to don’t), so you protect yourself without wasting money. Plus, how to control your money, even after death.


Including a step-by-step plan to follow and implement what you learn!

The financial planning industry secrets and strategies you need, all in one easy-to-read book.

With real-life examples and case studies.

“A unique book. Real-life ways to implement money awareness into everyday life.” Cara S. - Melbourne

“In the past, I had trouble with money and was not able to save. This book showed me how to stop living week to week and get ahead.” Sandy M. - Melbourne

“Made the whole process of organising money so much easier and gave me all the answers I needed.” Cherie S. - Perth

About The Author

“Hi, I’m Angela Santalia, your Money Messenger.

After working in the Australian Financial Planning industry for over two decades, I’ve definitely learned a lot about money, people, and their spending habits – I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. 

Everything you read in this book, I practice myself and it’s paid off. I started from zero and built a multi-property portfolio worth over $3M for financial security. I love to travel the world and enjoy life. I live in Melbourne.

The financial secrets and strategies I share are simple to follow. They are REAL. They WORK. They are TIMELESS.”


Take the guess work out of money and avoid years of financial heartache.

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What Other Readers Have To Say...

The money messenger is a book for everyone. The financial information offered is insightful, simple, easy to understand and everything discussed is achievable; regardless of your financial position or your income. I'm keen for my son to read this because it's particularly helpful for the younger demographic as it covers all aspects of money management. It covers the importance of getting the basics right before catapulting into financial decisions that could cost them greatly as well as exposing them to important financial matters such as superannuation and insurances which aren't always exciting but obviously very important. It's the book teaching money management skills that unfortunately aren't (but should be) taught in schools and I highly recommend this for everyone, even if you feel that you're well enough informed. I had many awakening moments and it was just the book I needed to motivate me about my finances again. Thanks Money Messenger!

Marlena J. Perth, WA

This book has power! I've never quite read a book like this one. This book takes the guesswork out of finance. It teaches you about stability, how to manage your finances, and what to have in place before you make your next financial move towards building a better future. Using what's taught in this book has already powered me to demolish bad debt that has painfully been around for years! I just wish I read this book when I was a lot younger yet it is never too late to start.

Duane M. Sydney, NSW

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