Money can be confusing, overwhelming, and intimidating.
But it doesn’t have to be.

Imagine your life without financial worries.
Would you travel more, or buy a new car... or a home?

Cashflow Queen is just for you. You'll learn an easy way to organise money.
his step-by-step system is simple, practical, and delivers real results guaranteed.

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What you'll learn...

The Cashflow Queen course will give you financial clarity and security.


Discover your numbers. See what's coming in and going out and get clarity around your spending.

Take the confusion out of budgeting. Know exactly how much you can save, invest or put to debt.


Design a personalised plan using your actual numbers and a simple money map.

Pay bills stress-free and on time (always), clear debts once and for all, and watch your savings grow.


Drive home your new system to control your money with confidence.

Automate everything! Use technology to make life easier.

Spend your money guilt-free.

Ready to become a Cashflow Queen?

Rave Reviews

From Past Students... 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I was living week to week and struggling to save. Since doing the course, I use my income more wisely, save regularly, and even paid down over $8,000 of debt! It's literally life-changing. You have to give it a try!"

Melbourne, VIC

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I thought I was just bad with money, despite earning a good salary. It was embarrassing. I learned SO MUCH from the course. Now, my money skills are better and I'm working towards goals like buying a house."

Perth, WA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"If you've been going around in circles with money, doing it yourself and not getting anywhere, you don't know what you're missing. Angela's system is a unique approach to money. I wish I'd found it earlier."

Sydney, NSW

Money. Simplified.

Remove the guesswork and avoid years of financial heartache.

Here's what you get


A few hours is all it takes

You'll attend 3 classes (1 hour each) all at once or break it up - it's your choice! You can pause and restart the classes as needed.

Fits in your schedule

Classes are recorded via a virtual classroom, so as long as you have an internet connection you can watch a class anywhere and anytime.

Get practical

During each class, you'll get practical steps to take to implement your learnings and get real results. The course is not about theory!

Structured results

Designed with a structured technique that focuses only on what you need to get fast results. No fluffy stuff or lectures!

Professional Money Map

You'll get my fully downloadable money map to help you create a personalised cashflow system. 

Ongoing Support

I'm serious about supporting my students! You'll get unlimited support through the private Facebook group, so you're never alone and can meet other students, and ask questions. I'm in there each day answering questions.

Plus a special bonus...


To help you become financially fluent you'll also get a FREE copy of my book The Money Messenger (instant download) $34.95

Full Course Outline

0.1 - Discover

Learn why it's so important to control your money instead of letting money control you. Uncover the biggest mistakes made with money. Understand the real cost of living week to week and how you are getting left behind, financially.

Then, before you can change anything, you need to know your numbers - what's coming in and going out. This course is not about theory. I'll show you how to track your actual income and expenses for the past month so you get clarity around where your money really goes.

You'll learn the difference between essential and non-essential expenses and how to simplify your spending because not wasting money means you can spend more on what you want. Holiday anyone?

0.2 - Design

In this class, you will design a personalised plan using the numbers you discovered in class 0.1 and my simple money map.

The money map will separate your money into the different areas of life so you know exactly how much you can spend, save, invest, or put to debt. This is 'budgeting in reverse'.

This technique will give you clarity and relieve financial pressure. You'll be able to pay bills stress-free and on time (always).

I'll show you how to prioritise and clear debts once and for all to break the cycle of accumulating debt that doesn't serve you. You can live a debt-free life!

Plus, you'll learn how to save the easy way with a foolproof method. Watch your savings account grow. Savings means security for life.

0.3 - Drive

The final class is all about driving home the money map you designed in class 0.2.

Use technology to make your life easier. Learn how to set up your bank accounts in the best way and then automate your money map so you can set and forget your new plan - you control everything privately.

But don't worry! It's flexible. You can make changes as life changes.

At the end of the course, your day to day finances will be structured so you don't have to worry about it. You'll know how much of your money goes where and why.

You'll control your money with confidence and know that you can spend guilt-free.

This course has everything you need to start your financial journey and will become the foundation of your new money life!

Hi, I'm Angela...

“After working in the Australian financial planning industry for over two decades, I've definitely learned a lot about money, people, and their spending habits – I've seen what works and what doesn't. Everything I teach you I practice myself and it works. I want to help you get ahead financially because life is too short to be broke! Being a Cashflow Queen is all about being independent and using money in a smarter way to eliminate financial stress. This stuff should be taught in school - but isn't.”



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You might be asking:


Yes! This course is for women that want to reset financially and progress. It doesn't matter how much you earn or what your financial position is. You don't need a university degree. You don't need to be "good with numbers".

“The course gave me direction. It's not only a simple way to organise money but one that's flexible for when life changes. Thanks Angela!”


30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I'm committed to helping people get real results. I'll do whatever I can in my power, to ensure you see real progress and improvement. But I get that you want to be certain too. So I offer a Risk-Free Guarantee. You can buy the course, access all the material, for 30-days. If the material has not helped you make improvements to your finances, email me evidence of your completed exercises and I'll work with you to help get you unstuck. If I can't help you progress, I'll give you a refund. Refer to T&C.

Why wait? Get started now!

How much is it costing you NOT to fix your finances? If you don't invest in making change, will your money problems still be there 6 months from today?

The next Cashflow Queen course is launching November 14. Get started today and save.


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  • Professionally produced 'Money Map'
  • Access to the private Facebook Group
  • Ongoing support and assistance Priceless
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