Lance S.

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When I first came in to contact with the Money Messenger I was working in construction as a subcontractor meaning that if I didn’t work I didn’t get paid. Every time my bank account got to roughly $1,950 I would spend most of it on “something”. What I really wanted was a deposit for my first home. My girlfriend at the time was bugging me to go on a 2-month European holiday. I had never been to Europe and I really wanted to go.

I met the Money Messenger and implemented some strategies which helped me save more money quickly, so I could go to Europe!…. Soon after I got back from my holiday I saw a Mortgage Broker and was told that I also had more than enough deposit for my first home even after the holiday “set back”.

My results I attribute to a savings skill that the Money Messenger had taught me but which I had no idea was so powerful at the time. I continued my savings skill (and learned some more advanced ones) and went on to buy multiple properties and have also traveled extensively.

I am eternally grateful to the Money Messenger.

-Lance S. Melbourne, VIC

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