Sandy M.

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In the past, I had a bit of a hard time regarding money and I was not able to save every week. I was short of money to pay bills etc. I have two beautiful daughters who I’ve always put first and myself last. Our life was hard at times, I had trouble saving, I couldn’t do it and was living pay to pay until the Money Messenger showed me ways to save money, regularly.

I used to live pay to pay but not anymore. Now I pay myself first – I call it “Mama’s 10% “. As a result, I have been able to save money regularly and also afforded to travel to Dubai, Budapest, Paris etc.

I didn’t even notice when the money came out of my pay each week and am very happy that I for once, had money growing in the bank. I just love it. I wouldn’t change it. I have been doing that for quite a few years now. I pay myself first every week because I deserve it. NOW I can save.

The “10% Rule” changed my financial situation, my lifestyle and it feels great. Thank you, Money Messenger!

-Sandy M. Melbourne, VIC

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