The Money Messenger Book made the whole process of understanding and organising my money so much easier. It was a pleasure reading the book and watching Angela's videos. She's not only professional but has all the answers which better has helped me understand my finances for the future. I highly recommend the Money Messenger Book (and videos!).

Cherie S. Perth, WA

The Money Messenger inspired me to be more knowledgeable and calculated about my understanding of and use of money. Having followed the Money Messenger for a while now, Angela has constantly provided small pieces of information that I was able to easily implement into my everyday life as well as provide practical assistance on big things in life, like home loans, personal loans, insurances and large spendings.

The Money Messenger has a unique way to impart knowledge, and more importantly provide real-life examples and ways to implement money awareness into my everyday life.
Thanks to the assistance of the Money Messenger I have a healthy property portfolio, pay myself first every payday, and enjoy assessing my money account.

Cara S. Alice Springs, NT

In the past, I had a hard time with money and I was not able to save every week. I was short of money to pay bills etc. I have two beautiful daughters who I've always put first and myself last. Our life was hard at times, and I lived payday to payday until the Money Messenger showed me ways to save money, regularly. I used to live pay to pay but not anymore.

Now I pay myself first – I call it "Mama's 10% ". As a result, I have been able to save money regularly and also afforded to travel to Dubai, Budapest, Paris etc. I don’t even notice the savings going out of my pay each week and I’m very happy that I now have money growing in the bank. I just love it. I wouldn't change it. I’ve been doing this for quite a few years now. As taught by the Money Messenger, I pay myself first every week because I deserve it. NOW I can save. This changed my financial situation, my lifestyle and it feels great. Thank you Money Messenger!

Sandy M. Melbourne, VIC

When I first came across the Money Messenger I was working in construction as a sub-contractor meaning that if I didn’t work I didn’t get paid. Every time my bank account got to roughly $2,000 I’d spend most of it on “something”. What I really wanted, was a deposit for my first home, but, my girlfriend at the time was bugging me to go on a 2-month European holiday. I’d never been to Europe and I really wanted to go.

I read the Money Messenger book and implemented some strategies that helped me to save more money quickly, so I could go to Europe and buy a home! Even after enjoying such as holiday, I saw a Mortgage Broker and was told that I had more than enough for a home loan deposit.

I attribute these results to a savings skill that the Money Messenger taught me but which I had no idea was so powerful at the time. I continued my savings skill (and learned some more advanced ones) and went on to buy multiple properties and have also travelled extensively.
I am eternally grateful to the Money Messenger.

Michael S. Melbourne, VIC

The Money Messenger is a book for everyone. The financial information offered is insightful, simple, easy to understand and everything discussed is achievable; regardless of your financial position or your income. I'm keen for my son to read this because it's particularly helpful for the younger demographic as it covers all aspects of money management.

It covers the importance of getting the basics right before catapulting into financial decisions that could cost them greatly as well as exposing them to important financial matters such as superannuation and insurances which aren't always exciting but obviously very important.

It's the book about essential money management skills that unfortunately aren't taught in schools (but should be) and I highly recommend this for everyone, even if you feel that you're well enough informed. I had many awakening moments and it was just the book I needed to motivate me about my finances again. Thanks Money Messenger!

Marlena J. Perth, WA